Thank you for Visiting, We are Suppliers for Mophie, iPhone & iPad Original Parts, We are a Malaysian-Based Home Office who work with experienced local iPhone users and foreign Manufacturers to offer High Quality and High-Value Products. Here's how we are started:

Why we Believe we can become your best iPhone After Sales Product Service Provider 

"Anything is Possible"

From the start, did not have a beginning. We decided to introduce a business of selling Mophie Juice Pack to two friends their name is Allen and Grey. We became very interested in the business that we helped each other formed a Facebook name and a Logo for the business. We then decided to purchase mophie juice packs. After 2-3months two friends decided to quit because the stocks was not taking off. They mocked up a contract to purchase the stocks an an inflated price. At first we didn't agree but we agreed on something that we would sell these stocks within 2 weeks, we said that is impossible. But we sold everything in 1 month, anything is possible.

Our mission is to provide High-Quality Products direct and fast to our customer and make a long lasting impression to the user's experience. Because of the many products that are currently in the market are built with low quality and low value at a high price. These markets are traditional markets, they go thru many chains of distribution making it costly.